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October 2015 Issue

October 2015 Retinal Murk. Autumn As Infinite Repetition. Editor: Santino DallaVecchia October’s Content: Dear Readers Wednesday Morning Outside of Alma by Steven Vest The Monumental Fiddle Competition (Nebraska, 2013) by Shea Montgomery Great Lakes by Steven Vest When I let me doggie wander by Devin Brines Fragment: Winter Journal by Dennis Hinrichsen The Forest in My… Continue reading October 2015 Issue

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September 2015 Issue

September 2015 The Pedagogy of Everything Editor: Santino DallaVecchia September’s Content: Dear Readers What Geraniums Smell Like by Jeffrey Bean Old Postcard by Robert Fanning Colorings from Window Glimmers by Lisa Folkmire How to be a Lady by Hannah Nelson Look. The Angels. by Ciara Lynch A Letter from the Hand to the Heart/ A Response from the Heart to the Hand by Lisa Folkmire Playground by Domenic Scopa Why I… Continue reading September 2015 Issue

Spotlight Piece

Spotlight Piece: Autumn as the Unbounded Echo by John Urdiales

On Beginning Start with the earth and enter the womb. Find your life in hers; your supplication in her seasons; your needs in her elements. Begin to see that there is life outside of you—of your void—and love that which is not you as if you were in everything. This is God. On Sailing Find… Continue reading Spotlight Piece: Autumn as the Unbounded Echo by John Urdiales