How to Remove Unwanted Growths by Todd Follett

Find a new razor, pull
off the plastic that secrets
the blade from soft
bodies. Dig it in
around the afflicted
area; stifle the air raid
siren brewing beneath
your tongue so he
does not hear,
half-dozing in his chair
while watching the news.
When you’ve cut it
all, clutch it
with your fingers. Jerk
the rot out, dig
inside the wound to kill
the corrupted roots.
Feel faint as you pour
rubbing alcohol onto
a shaky napkin and wince
as it marries your stain. Call
to your father when
you can’t stop the bleeding
so he can call you
dumbass as he rushes
to help. Go to sleep
and remember your brother
saying Do what I say
and there’ll be
no more warts.

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