January/February 2016

JanFeb cover

Edited by: Santino DallaVecchia

Dear Reader by Santino Dalla Vecchia

There’s a bump in the floor by Elizabeth Austin

Three More Reasons by Karli Henning

My Best Friend Loves Bananas by Tara Brecht

Traditions by Karli Henning

Father by Taylor Card

It’s April and Our Knuckles Are Cold by Angela Williams

Hydrologic by Eric Morris-Pusey

Breath by Taylor McAllister

Extinction of the Planet by Daniel de Cullá

Because of St. Kevin and the Blackbird by Angela Williams

Dancing with My Lass to Elvis Costello by John Rybicki

Work of Art by Matthew Cicci

Stalemate by Eric Morris-Pusey

Front¨ Doors by Daniel de Cullá

Socks I Won’t Get Back by Karli Henning

Jack by Elizabeth Austin

Mental Illness ABC’s by Karli Henning

Nicole by Taylor Card

On a Piece of Paper You Were About to Burn by John Rybicki

Sway by Elizabeth Austin

Spotlight Piece: External Verifications that Your Doppelgänger is Stalking You by John Urdiales


Growing or dying? by Domenica DallaVecchia

Twisted crossroad by Domencia DallaVecchia

Water and It’s Sky by Domenica DallaVecchia

Twinkle, Twinkle, little Lake by Domenica DallaVecchia

Twilight through the trees by Domenica DallaVecchia

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November/December 2015 Issue

Nov-Dec cover

Dear Readers

Mornings in Town by Holly J. Zuiderveen

Magic Sleep Bugs by S.L. Wyman

Smoke by Kimberly Ann

Mercy by Kimberly Ann

The Pope’s Last Conversation with God– A Dialogue in Haiku by Jake Brower

Layers by Angela M. Havens

Sheol by Kimberly Ann

Postherds by Kimberly Ann

Milk and Brownies by Erika Murdey

Spotlight Piece: The Lark’s Ascension by John Urdiales

Cover Photo: Through Nature’s Eyes by Reilly Gordon


Blue Girl by Riley Gordon

Clean your Plate by Emily Allison


Interdependence by Patrick Mallett

Winter Valhalla by Patrick Mallett

Summer Valhalla by Patrick Mallett

Lines & Curves by Patrick Mallett

October 2015 Issue

October cover

October 2015

Retinal Murk. Autumn As Infinite Repetition.

Editor: Santino DallaVecchia

October’s Content:

Dear Readers

Wednesday Morning Outside of Alma by Steven Vest

The Monumental Fiddle Competition (Nebraska, 2013) by Shea Montgomery

Great Lakes by Steven Vest

When I let me doggie wander by Devin Brines

Fragment: Winter Journal by Dennis Hinrichsen

The Forest in My Lungs: A Collection of Origin Stories by Hannah Somalski

Depth Song by Steven Vest

Baptism by Dennis Hinrichsen

his bed by Beck Mallett

her bed by Beck Mallett

Sensing the Aroma of Myself by Ndue Ukaj; translated from Albanian by Peter Tase

that mirror by Beck Mallett

Mouth by Jamaal May

Little Hydra, Little Garden by Dennis Hinrichsen

In the Future You Will Be Your Own Therapist by Jamaal May

The College of Hair Design by Shea Montgomery

The Structure of Tears by Ndue Ukaj; translated from Albanian by Peter Tase

Morning Rituals by Mika Yamamoto

Dialysis by Dennis Hinrichsen

A Small Wedge of Horizon by Steven Vest

Ask Where I’ve Been by Jamaal May

The Khaibut by Jesse Cornea

Transmogrification by Shea Montgomery

Spotlight Piece: Autumn as the Unbounded Echo by John Urdiales


Front Cover: Drowning by Annamarie Williams

Sunflowers by Annamarie Williams

Personification of the Great Barrier Reef by Annamarie Williams

The Artist’s Dream by Annamarie Williams


Midwestern Landscape by Josie Ellen Sabo

Lean by Marcella Flury

Visceral by Robyn Teed

September 2015 Issue

September Cover

September 2015

The Pedagogy of Everything

Editor: Santino DallaVecchia

September’s Content:

Dear Readers

What Geraniums Smell Like by Jeffrey Bean

Old Postcard by Robert Fanning

Colorings from Window Glimmers by Lisa Folkmire

How to be a Lady by Hannah Nelson

Look. The Angels. by Ciara Lynch

A Letter from the Hand to the Heart/ A Response from the Heart to the Hand by Lisa Folkmire

Playground by Domenic Scopa

Why I Failed at Baseball by Jeffrey Bean

The Farmer in His Rows by Robert Fanning

Clock Maker by Michael Lee Johnson

Refuge by Robert Fanning

Michigan by Hannah Nelson

Whales by Annie Raab

Farewell by Domenic Scopa

Thorp, Wisconsin (A Place to Belong) by Hannah Nelson

The greatest shit by Thomas Pescatore

The Foundations Have Remained Open by Alisa Velaj; translated from Albanian by Ukë ZENEL Buçpapaj

Life Is-Transition by Michael Lee Johnson

The Joy of Painting by Jeffrey Bean

Falling Down by Kevin Munley

Washing the Corpse by Rainer Maria Rilke; translated from German by Domenic Scopa

A Spinning Nowhere by Thomas Pescatore

Spotlight Piece: From A Disheveled Requiem by John Urdiales


Front Cover: Hello Old Friend by Annamarie Williams

Mermaids from Damsels by Annamarie Williams

Tea Cup by Annamarie Williams

Wind by Annamarie Williams


Coast by Ethan Cunningham

Eye Level by Ethan Cunningham

Root by Ethan Cunningham

Sunset, Harsh by Ethan Cunningham

You can also see the PDF version of the Magazine with this link: September 2015 Issue

April 2015

SSR Cover- April2015

April 2015

Pull It Out of the Earth and Sky

Editor: Santino DallaVecchia

April’s Content:

Mozart’s Sister Address Him by Kamryn Kurtzner

how to write someone into a poem: a recreation by Paige Emerson

Halo by William Palmer

The Fate of Simon Gulliver by Caitlin A. Marsh

The Hands of Time by Jim Daniels

Structured Wanderings by Jocelyn Kirk

seated on my park bench by Andrea Aguilera

View from the Front Porch by Ellen Martin

Another Sky by Robert Vivian

Beneath the Stones of Sometimes Comfort by Lisa Folkmire

Song of Making Bread, of Boiling Water by Jacob Hammer

Scavengers by Jocelyn Kirk

April 5, 1994 by Paige Emerson

Across the Snow by William Palmer

Church Alley Walk by Andrea Aguilera

The Woodland Bible’s First Reading by Lisa Folkmire

Dear Jim Poems by Michael Delp

When Grandpa Played That Crooked Waltz by Ellen Martin

Miles by Kamryn Kurtzner

Spotlight Piece: Commencement by Wesley Hoyle


Front Cover: Arthur Rackam by Annamarie Williams

Back Cover: Drowning in your Love by Annamarie Williams

Le Parfum Rodo by Annamarie Williams

Velo by Annamarie Williams

You can also see the PDF version of the Magazine with this link: SSRApril2015.

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