Editor-in-Chief: Caitlin Dezwann

Caitlin enjoys reading, writing, food, and being sarcastic. Her love of all things nerdy and Disney movies keeps her semi-sane. You can find her hammocking, watching Netflix, or most likely doing homework while listening to film scores.



Assistant Editor: Ally Boulware

 If you wait long enough by a Starbucks, you are sure to see Ally Boulware walk in. This coffee addict is an avid reader, writer, and dancer who’s as pale as a vampire. She loves Greek mythology, musicals, and will always be a champion of the Oxford comma. Her aspiration in life is to find the island of Themyscira and become Wonder Woman.



Public Relations Editor: Elly Jauquet


Beware: A wild awkward geek has discovered a way online. She may get distracted scouring for new disturbing prompts but don’t worry she will return. Although if she’s spooked she’ll wander back to her historical fiction novels, passive-aggressive embroidery, skeletal drawings, and array of colorful oil paints. If found, please return to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


Layout & Website Design: Monica Bussell


Monica is the girl who you can hear screaming in the distance about the insanity of the Papyrus font. She is a Marketing and New Media Studies major who is focusing on photography and graphic design. Monica’s talents include talking at Gilmore Girls level speeds, having an insane number of Pinterest boards, and finding the most obscure documentaries from the pits of Netflix.



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