Liz Webb

Liz is fabulous– refreshingly rational with an erudite swagger. She is currently staring in her own reality TV show titled Modern Sleeping Beauty: One Girl’s Quest for Love and the Perfect Nap. Resident Art History professional on staff, and she might know a thing or two en français. Santé!




Assistant Editor

 Erica Krol

Erica enjoys reading and writing creatively. You may find her taking a stroll in the bog, enjoying nature. In her free time she loves a raucous family game night.
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Caitlin Dezwaan

I’m an awkward, nerdy person with a love for reading, writing, music and all things fandom related.





allysonPublic Relations Editor 

Allyson Hubbell

Allyson enjoys reading instead of doing any kind of work and will always have food on her person. She loves her family more than anything and is a self-proclaimed Harry Potter expert. Someday she hopes to become a book editor.


Layout & Website Design
Maggie Zou_MG_4548.JPG

I’m New Media Studies major. I’m ready to use my skills for our creative writing magazine. I like designing work a lot. By the way, I also like reading, that’s also one of the reason that I like summer vacation–I have a lot time to read what I am interested. Except design and reading, cooking is also one of my favorite(maybe I prefer eating). Cooking for friends is the most exciting thing!